Toasted Cake 5: Zombie Boyfriends Are Totally In For Spring & Young Miss Frankenstein Regrets, by Camille Alexa

Episode #5!  In which we read two poems by Camille Alexa!

every fashion-conscious girl knows
zombie boyfriends are
totally in for spring 

(right here in Everyday Weirdness)

Reanimation gives rise to all sorts of
regrets, as one forgets the
repercussions sure to follow the
reappearance of the dead. 

(first appeared in Chizine)

Camille Alexa's fiction appears in audio at Escape Pod, Pseudopod, Fantasy Magazine, and Machine of Death. Her book PUSH OF THE SKY received a starred review in Publishers Weekly and was nominated for the Endeavour Award. Questionable fashion tips and a complete bibliography can be found at


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