April Submission Window

Toasted Cake will be open to submissions for the month of April.

What to Submit:
> Toasted Cake is a flash fiction podcast. I tend to like stories between 700-1200 words. I occasionally run a few "Giant" stories (1200-2000), but I am pretty selective on these. If you're sending 300-400 word stories, let me know if I can run two for the price of one.

> A few descriptors I like are weird, quirky, dark, twisted, funny, literary, puzzling, bizarre, tongue-twistable, singable, patter-friendly, elocutionary, witty, and wistful.

> Reprints/repods totally fine; just let me know the details. Original stories fine too (given that I like rather odd things, and sometimes these are hard to place, feel free to try me.)

How to Submit:
> Send your submissions to tinaconnolly. I am on gmail. 
> Subject line should be "Toasted Cake Submission: [Your Story]" 
> You may send up to three flash, preferably as links or text within the email.
> Please include the word count.
> Please include a short bio that could be run with your story.

> I will probably wait and read all the slush at once at the end of April. But you might hear yes or no sooner than that.
> I am paying $5. Toasted Cake's methods of payment so far have included:
* a $5 bill in an envelope with a thank-you note written on an old holiday card;
* donation back to the cause;
* deferred payment of one drink, payable by me in person at a convention;
* cold heartless futuristic transfer via paypal.

You may choose any option you prefer. 

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