Toasted Cake 21: The George Solution by Brian Dolton

Toasted Cake 21! In which we are efficient.

When I told you George was the solution, you didn't really think I meant him to be eaten, did you? A four-foot-long lizard? 

First published in Darker.

An Englishman now transplanted to small-town New Mexico, Brian Dolton has played volleyball on a sandbar in the Pacific Ocean, watched the sun set over the Sahara from the back of a camel, and stayed in a Buddhist monastery on a sacred Japanese mountain. He's been writing for as long as he can remember (which is longer than he would care to remember) and will continue to do so until they pry the keyboard from his cold dead hands. Whoever "they" are. If you know, he'd like to hear from you so he can make suitable preparations.


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