Toasted Cake 25: The Choir Invisible, by Anatoly Belilovsky

Toasted Cake 25! In which we upclock.

The Unitard processor used in domestic apparata is also used in such diverse devices as spacecraft, surgical robots, and attack drones, and because of high-volume manufacture is quite reasonable in price.

First appeared in slightly longer form in Kasma.

Anatoly Belilovsky was born in a city that changed six or seven owners in the last 100 years, learned English from Star Trek reruns, and is now a pediatrician in an area of Brooklyn, New York, where English is the fourth most commonly spoken language. He is a SFWA member with stories in Nature, Ideomancer, Kasma, Stupefying Stories, and Andromeda Spaceways, among other publications. Unlike most other writers, he is not owned by any cats.


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