Toasted Cake 26: They Somehow Saved the World, by Jude-Marie Green

Toasted Cake 26! In which we have blindingly white legs and bad Humphrey Bogart impressions.

When Dr. Evyl set his nuclear bomb to explode in the top of the Eiffel Tower, Cindy had grabbed it and tossed it, all 5,000 pounds of steel casings and uranium, into the sky, where Fred caught it and carried it into space, beyond the moon's orbit.  

Jude-Marie Green has sold short stories to twitter, online magazines, and various anthologies.  She has edited with Abyss&Apex, Noctem Aeternus, and 10Flash.  She attended Clarion West in 2010 and has the tattoo to prove it.  She likes oranges, chicken, and being warm.


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