Toasted Cake wins a Parsec!

Breaking News! Toasted Cake WINS the Parsec for Best New Podcaster! 

I am so thrilled - thanks to all of you for listening, and for your feedback and support. Toasted Cake was also a finalist for Best SF Magazine - big congrats to Drabblecast for winning that one, and to all the other nominees in both of these categories. So many thanks also to the judges, admin, and everyone involved with the Parsec awards! 

I sent excerpts from 4 episodes, btw - they had to be from the first four months of the year, and I chose Caroline M. Yoachim's Pageant Girls, Cat Rambo's The Coffeemaker's Passion, Helena Bell's Please Return My Son Who is in Your Custody, and Steven R. Stewart's Mark and Shelly's

The other news is that Toasted Cake is open for submissions for the month of September. Please, send in your odd little flash stories. I need ten more to round out the year.

PS: Several of you have asked if there will be a Toasted Cake 2013.  My best guess currently is that there will be something, but it will be different.  Stay tuned....

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