Toasted Cake 52: Bad Elf by Samuel Montgomery-Blinn

Toasted Cake 52! In which we try to be a good elf.

They tried to give me other jobs more suitable to my gifts, like reindeer euthanasia technician and pest exterminator. 

(First appeared right here in Thaumatrope)

Samuel Montgomery-Blinn is the publisher of Bull Spec, a quarterly magazine of speculative fiction. His non-fiction has appeared in The New York Review of Science Fiction and in the blog of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America; his fiction has appeared in Thaumatrope, PicFic, and 52 Stitches: Volume 2. He lives in Durham where he works as a software engineer, raises 2 wonderful kids with his amazing wife, and defends his guitars from 3 rampaging cats. He loves audiobooks, so if you have recently listened to one you really love, drop him a line at sam at bullspec dot com, find him on Facebook, or on Twitter as @montsamu.


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