Toasted Cake 103: Prophetic Lobster Man by Cat Rambo and When There's A Will by Brian K. Lowe

Toasted Cake 103! In which we reveal some secrets. 

Yeah, claws, crimson as a fire engine, great big puffed out claws that, god help me, made it so all I could think was, "How's the boy manage to drink a beer?

Prophetic Lobster Man by Cat Rambo first appeared in The Mad Scientist Journal. 

The point is that monkeys didn't write "Hamlet," Shakespeare did--no matter how many monkeys you try to put in his place and no matter what you call them. 

When There's a Will by Brian K. Lowe first appeared in Speculon. 

Cat Rambo writes, edits, and teaches, all from the shore of eagle-haunted Lake Sammammish, where she co-exists with two cats, a software developer, and a large number of plastic dinosaurs. See her website at for links to more of her fiction. 

Brian K. Lowe is a paralegal in Southern California. When he's not writing about werewolves and aliens and vampires, he's usually to be found in seedy bars buying them drinks in exchange for their life stories. You can see more of him at

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