Toasted Cake 141: Manning Up by Aaron Polson, read by Brian Allard

Toasted Cake 141! In which we come apart. 

Evan started coming apart because of the dare. 

Aaron currently lives in Lawrence, Kansas with his wife and six children. He's now at full sitcom. His short fiction has appeared in Shock Totem, Shimmer, Bourbon Penn, and under several unsavory rocks. Rumor has it, he prefers ketchup with his beans. 

Brian Allard is a Portland based actor, director, teacher, audiobook narrator, podcaster, and most recently, step-father. The Artistic Director of the Original Practice Shakespeare Festival (Ops Fest), he and his co-host Andrew Bray recently started "OpsCast" - a discussion of Ops Fest news, Shakespeare Discussion, and random shenanigans. Find it at His most recent audiobook is a science fiction series for middle schoolers by Justin Johnson called "Coby Collins," on Amazon. Brian will appear on the NBC show GRIMM this coming Friday, March 27th. 

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