The Stop of Toasted Cake

I'm saying "stop" instead of "end" because it is stopping for now, but I am not saying never about future Toasted Cake. (I love it too much, what can I say?)

Some stats for you:

We reached 150 episodes.

We in this case consists of 

  • 1 editor (me)
  • 110 authors (okay, I'm including me here, too)
  • 6 guest hosts 

So...yeah, I think that's a pretty good accomplishment.

In the last episode, "A Million Oysters for Chiyoko", by Caroline M. Yoachim, you can hear me list some memorable episodes (I had to limit myself to mentioning only one story from each of the ten authors who've been on the podcast the most times, or I would have been there all day listing off all 150 episodes.)

Authors with the most episodes:

9 - Caroline M. Yoachim
5 - Cat Rambo, Alex Shvartsman, Deborah Walker
4 - Anatoly Belilovsky, Samantha Henderson, Sylvia Spruck Wrigley
3 - Nathaniel Lee, Ken Liu, David Steffen

Two people appeared as hosts AND as writers: Camille Alexa/Alex C. Renwick, and David D. Levine.

I don't have stats for this, but not all our episodes were reprints. We ran several original stories. Of the reprints I would guess that the top markets were Daily SF, Everyday Fiction, and Brain Harvest, but I'd have to actually look at the numbers. I may do that some time.

Did you miss some back episodes? Want to hear your favorites again? They're all tagged by author name, and you can find the full list here

At any rate, keep Toasted Cake on your podcatchers, because there will likely be some bonus content coming your way now and then. Also, there is a new podcast project in the works (we might see it around winter or so) but if that falls through, I promise I will bring back Toasted Cake in one year, after I've turned in my next two books. So there will be something.

Until next time...

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