Toasted Cake 211: Bad Vibrations by Tiffany Michelle Brown

Toasted Cake 211! In which we try to hide the collection.

There's a lot of preparation that goes into death--crafting a will, getting your finances and investments in order, signing up for a life insurance policy, specifying to family if you'd rather be buried or cremated--you know, just in case something happens.

This story first appeared in the anthology Alternate Hilarities: One-Star Reviews of the Afterlife.

Tiffany Michelle Brown is a native of Phoenix, Arizona, who ran away from the desert to live near sunny San Diego beaches. She has been published by Electric Spec, Under the Gum Tree, Pen and Kink Publishing, Transmundane Press, and Prolific Press. When she isn't writing, Tiffany can be found on a yoga mat, sipping whisky, or reading a comic book--sometimes all at once. Follow her adventures at


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