Toasted Cake 257: Learner's Permit by Laurence Raphael Brothers

Toasted Cake #257! In which we attempt the parallel parking maneuver.

360-degree camera coverage. Radar, inertial compass, GPS. Independent all-wheel drive, nanoceramic brakes. 5G, sat-phone, and UHF communications. Air bags everywhere. And the worst student driver in the history of the automobile.

This story is original to Toasted Cake.

Laurence Raphael Brothers is a writer and a technologist. He has published around 30 short stories in magazines such as Nature, PodCastle, the New Haven Review, and Galaxy's Edge. His WWI-era fantasy novel Twilight Patrol and his romantic noir urban fantasy novella The Demons of Wall Street were both just recently published. Follow him on twitter: @lbrothers or visit for more stories that can be read or listened to online.


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