Toasted Cake 259: The Snow Queen's Discount Skate Rental and Half-Off Magical Workings by Kristen Koopman

Toasted Cake 259! In which we skate the spell.

I fell the first time I tried the spell. The magic broke, snapping a crack into the ice and getting me a three-day ban from the rink by the angry ex-almost-pro who drove the Zamboni.

This story is original to Toasted Cake.

Kristen Koopman is a graduate student, writer, and nerd.  Her interests include blatant escapism, overanalyzing anything and everything, playing with her dog, and enough garlic to kill vampires at twenty paces.  Other stories of hers can be found at Kaleidotrope and forthcoming in GlitterShip.  She is definitely not two smaller Kristen Koopmans in a trenchcoat.


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