Toasted Cake 260: Just One More Kitten GIF by Effie Seiberg

Toasted Cake 260! In which maybe we procrastinate? Just a little?

Jen's final sociology paper was due tomorrow, so she was procrastinating.

This story first appeared in Galaxy's Edge, and a slightly longer version is available to read on Curious Fictions.

Effie Seiberg is a fantasy and science fiction writer. Her stories can be found in the "Women Destroy Science Fiction!" special edition of Lightspeed Magazine (winner of the 2015 British Fantasy Award for Best Anthology), "The Best of Galaxy's Edge 2015-2017", Analog, Fireside Fiction, and PodCastle, amongst others. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she likes to make sculpted cakes and bad puns. You can find more of her work at, or follow her on twitter at @effies. Effie would like you to stay the eff at home, and if you can't, to at least wear a mask when you're out. 


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