Toasted Cake is:

* 1 crispy-gooey flash story podcast a week

* artisanally buttery stories hand-picked & (generally) read by me

* THE best way to prepare cake, in case you hadn't guessed

* an idiosyncratic 2012 podcasting venture from Tina Connolly

Hi! I'm Tina. I write novels, co-host Escape Pod, and run Toasted Cake. I started Toasted Cake as an idiosyncratic 2012 flash fiction project, vowing to podcast one new story every week for a year...and I fell in love with it. It happens.

One new flash story every Monday, picked by me to be the sort of thing I would like to read for you.  (In the outro I tend to talk a little about the story...or about totally random things...so if you like that sort of thing, stick around.)  I open for submissions once or twice a year, for a month each time. Guidelines are here. If you're interested in donating to the Cake, that's here.

(And I did talk about actual cake-toasting on Episode 32, The Hungry Child. Because you should have some.)

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2012 saw 53 podcasts and picked up a Parsec for Best New Podcaster. As of 2017 we're at 151 podcasts and still going strong. (Well. Intermittently going strong anyway. There are a number of small children and book deadlines in my life. :D )  

Stay with us as we continue to break all the rules. Super tasty, often gooey, delightfully odd. This is Toasted Cake.