Toasted Cake is:

* 1 crispy-gooey flash story podcast a week

* dark, twisted, frosting-covered stories hand-picked & (generally) read by me

* THE best way to prepare cake, in case you hadn't guessed

* an idiosyncratic 2012 podcasting venture from Tina Connolly

Hi! I'm Tina. If you know me, it might be from stories like On the Eyeball Floor, from my IRONSKIN series from Tor, or. . .from reading stories for Podcastle and Escape Pod!  I did a lot of theatre before I became a writer.  So it didn't take me much to get hooked on podcasting.  I started Toasted Cake as an idiosyncratic 2012 flash fiction project, vowing to podcast one new story every week...and I'm loving it too much to stop. So YES! Toasted Cake continues!

One new flash story every Monday, idiosyncratically picked by me to be the sort of thing I would like to read for you.  (I tend to talk a little about the story or about narrating it after, so if you like that sort of thing, stick around.)  I open for submissions a couple times a year, for a month each time. Guidelines are here.

(And I did talk about actual cake-toasting on Episode 32, The Hungry Child. Because you should have some.)

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2012 saw 53 podcasts and picked up a Parsec for Best New Podcaster. Stay with us as we continue to break all the rules. Super tasty, often gooey, delightfully odd. This is Toasted Cake.