Toasted Cake is closed to submissions.  

Jan 6 2015: I'm sorry, but I'm still overstocked. We will not be opening to February subs.

I overbought last year, and I ended up missing several weeks in 2014 due to the conflux of new baby plus deadlines. I still have inventory in stock that I am very much looking forward to running.

BESIDES, there are changes afoot. They aren't necessarily going to be bad changes. In fact, I think they might be very good changes. But you're going to need to keep waiting and holding onto those subs a little while longer. For me.


What to Submit:
> Toasted Cake is a flash fiction podcast. I tend to like stories between 650-1200 words. I occasionally run a few "Giant" stories (1200-2000), but I am pretty selective on these. When I run pieces below 500 words they generally need to be paired with another piece (either by you or by someone else), so just be aware that can be a tricky sell. No need to query me on anything below 2K.

> A few descriptors I like are weird, quirky, dark, twisted, funny, fun, literary, puzzling, bizarre, tongue-twistable, singable, patter-friendly, elocutionary, experimental, witty, and wistful.

> I mostly run reprints. Original stories fine too (given that I like rather odd things, and sometimes these are hard to place, feel free to try me.) Repods are on a case by case basis, but by all means send them in, just let me know the details.

How to Submit:
> Send your submissions to [sorry! closed to submissions at this time!]
> Subject line should be "Toasted Cake Submission: [Your Story]" 
> You may send up to three flash (all in one email is fine), as text in the email or as attachments.
> Please include the word count.
> Please include a short bio that could be run with your story.

> During the month-long reading period, I read submissions once or twice a week. At that time you will hear "Not for me" or "Hold". I go through the hold pile after the month-long window is closed. You will hear on any held submissions by the end of the second month (though usually much sooner). Please query immediately at the end of the 1st month if you heard nothing at all, or at the end of the 2nd month if you heard nothing from a hold.

> I am paying $5. Toasted Cake's methods of payment so far have included:
* a $5 bill in an envelope with a thank-you note written on an old holiday card;
* deferred payment of one drink, payable by me in person at a convention;
* cold heartless futuristic amazing timesaver transfer via paypal;
* other amusing randomnesses proposed by the authors.

You may choose any option you prefer.

Read more about Toasted Cake, or see the list of stories run so far.