Sept 17, 2017: 

Toasted Cake will be open to subs for the month of October 2017. You will hear a response by the end of November 2017, if not sooner.


What to Submit:
> Toasted Cake is a flash fiction podcast. At this time, please only send stories between 650-1000 words.

> A few descriptors I like are weird, quirky, dark, twisted, funny, fun, literary, puzzling, bizarre, tongue-twistable, singable, patter-friendly, elocutionary, experimental, witty, and wistful.

> I mostly run reprints. Original stories fine too (given that I like rather odd things, and sometimes these are hard to place, feel free to try me.) You may send stories that have been previously podcast if it has been at least 2 years since they aired. Please let me know all publication details.

> I am incredibly interested in stories told from all the myriad diverse perspectives of our world. Please send them to me.

How to Submit:
> Send your submissions to tinaconnolly on the gmail.
> Subject line should be "Toasted Cake Submission: [Your Story]" 
> You may send up to three flash (all in one email is fine), as text in the email or as attachments.
> Please include the word count.
> Please include a short bio that could be run with your story.

> During the month-long reading period, I read submissions once or twice a week. At that time you will hear "Not for me" or "Hold". I go through the hold pile after the month-long window is closed. You will hear on any held submissions by the end of the second month (though usually much sooner). Please query immediately at the end of the 1st month if you heard nothing at all, or at the end of the 2nd month if you heard nothing from a hold.

> I am paying $10, generally via paypal.

First: Read more about Toasted Cake, or see the list of stories run so far.

Second: The reason for the 1000 cap this time around is that I'm increasing pay rates to $10, and that way everyone gets at least 1c/word. Yes, I would like to raise this in the future.

Third: Why are you no longer paying in drinks? Answer: Because that was super fun, but an accounting nightmare.

Fourth: I plan to buy enough stories to run for the whole school year. Then take the summer off. We will see how this goes.

Fifth: For those of you who have asked about donating, I am in the process of setting up a patreon at This will help fund the increased pay rate, and potentially fund further increases in both pay and word count. There will occasionally be extras, once I figure out what good extras would look like. Feel free to send me your ideas at tinaconnolly on the gmail.